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Notion LearnSync Hub: Ultimate Student Planner

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"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today"

Introducing, the planner that every Highschool or College student dreams to have, Student-Pro: The Ultimate Student Planner

Designed to revolutionize your organization and productivity, this comprehensive planner is your ultimate companion for efficient scheduling, task management, and goal tracking. Stay ahead of deadlines, manage your study time effectively, and unleash your full potential with the power of the Ultimate Student Planner."

The planner is designed to be used with Notion, a powerful productivity app that allows you to easily manage your tasks, notes, and projects in one place

❗Device suggestion: Tablet/PC/Laptop (not recommended to use on Mobile)

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What's inside?


  • Class Schedule
  • Subjects
  • Navigation
  • Habit tracker (overview)
  • Morning & Routine
  • Book Tracker
  • Quick Note + calendar view
  • Finance (Overview)
  • Goal Tracker (overview)
  • Additional

Project & Assignment

  • Project view
  • Tasks to do
  • Team space
  • Tasks overview
  • Calendar & Timeline

Exam & Quizzes

  • Exam/quiz table
  • Weekly calendar
  • Study planner
  • Pomodoro
  • Reminder

Extracurricular activities

  • Club Info
  • Quick Note
  • Event
  • Gallery


  • Goals
  • Task to goal
  • Milestone
  • Timeline
  • Self reflect


  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly planner
  • Habit tracker
  • Gallery
  • Diary
  • Self space


  • Account
  • Reminder
  • Wishlist
  • Budget tracker
  • Expense & Income tracker
  • Subscription
  • Report ( Monthly/yearly)


  • Pre-made digital resume


  • Space to store important documents ( personal/medical/financial/educational)

How this Ultimate Student Planner can help?

  1. Organization and Time Management
    • The planner offers dedicated sections to help you organize your schedule, set priorities, and manage your time effectively. It enables you to plan your assignments, projects, exams, and extracurricular activities in a structured manner, ensuring that you stay on top of your tasks and never miss a deadline
  2. Goal Setting and Tracking
    • With the Ultimate Student Planner, you can set clear academic goals and track your progress towards achieving them. Whether it's improving your grades, increasing study hours, or mastering specific subjects, the planner allows you to break down your goals into actionable steps and monitor your success along the way.
  3. Study and Productivity Tools
    • The planner includes tools and features designed to enhance your study efficiency and productivity. It offers dedicated spaces for note-taking, brainstorming, and organizing study materials. Additionally, it provides tips and techniques for effective studying, time-blocking strategies, and motivational quotes to keep you inspired and focused.
  4. Personal Development and Well-being
    • The Ultimate Student Planner recognizes the importance of holistic growth. It incorporates sections dedicated to personal development, self-reflection, and well-being. You can track your habits, set personal goals, prioritize self-care, and maintain a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that you thrive academically while nurturing your overall well-being.
  5. Customization and Flexibility
    • The planner allows for customization to suit your specific needs and preferences. You can personalize it with your name, choose different layouts, and tailor it to your unique academic requirements. The flexibility of the Ultimate Student Planner ensures that it becomes a personalized tool that aligns perfectly with your educational journey.


Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes. Once you've made the purchase, I will send you a link to duplicate (complete your purchase, open it and click on "duplicate" on the right top corner) this to your Notion workspace. You don't need to be on Notion's Personal Pro plan to use it.

Can I share this template?

This Notion template comes with a personal license for individual use. Feel free to use the template with your internal team. But please do not share it with other individuals.

What will happen after my purchase?

Right after your purchase, you will be made available with PDF files. Links for Notion templates will be embedded in a PDF file, which you can duplicate into your own workspace. You’ll also receive an email with the link to the template and other relevant files.

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Notion LearnSync Hub: Ultimate Student Planner

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