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Notion AchievoSphere: Goal Tracker

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"Stay motivated, focused, and on track towards your dreams"

Take charge of your aspirations and soar to new heights with our revolutionary goal tracker. Stay organized, motivated, and inspired as you effortlessly track your progress and crush your goals.

If you are new to Notion, I provide a walkthrough video for you to follow step by step on how to use this template

The planner is designed to be used with Notion, a powerful productivity app that allows you to easily manage your tasks, notes, and projects in one place ❗

If you are new to Notion, I provide a walkthrough video for you to follow step by step on how to use this template

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How this template will help you?

  1. Clarity and Focus: This helps you define and articulate your goals clearly. By recording your objectives and breaking them down into actionable steps, you gain a better understanding of what you want to achieve and can maintain focus on your priorities.
  2. Motivation and Accountability: This will provide a visual representation of your progress, which can boost motivation. When you see how far you've come and how much you've accomplished, it can inspire you to keep working towards your goals
  3. Organization and Time Management: Breaking down your goals into smaller tasks helps you prioritize and allocate your time more efficiently. By having a clear plan, you can optimize your efforts and avoid feeling overwhelmed or scattered.
  4. Celebrating Achievements: A goal tracker allows you to see how far you've come and provides an opportunity to celebrate your milestones and successes along the way. This positive reinforcement can fuel your determination and make the journey toward your goals more enjoyable.

Who is suitable for using this template?

Anyone is suitable to use this goal tracker. Because its:

  • Easy to use ✅
  • Fast to set-up ✅
  • User friendly ✅
  • Mobile optimization ✅


Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes. Once you've made the purchase, I will send you a link to duplicate (complete your purchase, open it and click on "duplicate" on the right top corner) this to your Notion workspace. You don't need to be on Notion's Personal Pro plan to use it.

Can I share this template?

This Notion template comes with a personal license for individual use. Feel free to use the template with your internal team. But please do not share it with other individuals.

What will happen after my purchase?

Right after your purchase, you will be made available with PDF files. Links for Notion templates will be embedded in a PDF file which you will be able to duplicate into your own workspace. You’ll also receive an email with the link to the template and other relevant files.

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Notion AchievoSphere: Goal Tracker

45 ratings
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